Porch Garden (beginning of August)

It was a live-and-learn summer with the porch garden.  Paired with the unusual weather (hello, more rain than I remember in any other summer down here!), there were some porch garden casualties.  After dozens of blossoms, I had 4-5 healthy zucchini from the porch, before the plants drowned in the deluge.  I think zucchini would work in a future garden, I think I would drill holes in the storage container to allow for more drainage.

The Asian long beans were lovely.  I had carefully created a bamboo support system from poles that I had foraged.  But then, alas, an infestation of spider mites demolished the plants while I was still playing Dr. Google to find home solutions to the problem.


The tomatoes (cherry, pear and patio), however, and the yellow “snacking” bell pepper plant have been abundant beyond my wildest hopes.  Here’s today’s harvest, at least what made it inside.  The kids decided that the cherry tomatoes are like candy, and eat them by the handfuls.



In the meantime, I’ve scattered green onion seeds over the containers of plants that bit the dust, hoping for an autumn harvest.  May pop in some garlic gloves a bit later on as well.  Need to come up with some other (easy) fall vegetable plants as well.




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